Sanitaryware Set:ducky by Fatih Sen & Mehmet Oguz

Fatih Sen & Mehmet Oguz Reveals The Ducky Sanitaryware Set

Fatih Sen & Mehmet Oguz, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Sanitaryware Set:Ducky by Fatih Sen & Mehmet Oguz explains, It has been always hard to get used to bathroom for children. So Ducky project is created that looks like a duck wh <Cropped>

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Sustainable Business Center by Vigneswar V S

Vigneswar V S Shows The Arcot Plaza Sustainable Business Center

Vigneswar V S, the project leader of the awarded design Arcot Plaza by Vigneswar V S explicates, Arcot Plaza is designed as a Sustainable Business Center. It offers world-class commercial spaces for its users on an affordable budget. Design Objective <Cropped>

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Award Winning Black Hodl Cryptocurrency Wallet

Kasra Farzam and Nikki Radfar Presents The Black Hodl Cryptocurrency Wallet

Kasra Farzam and Nikki Radfar, the author of the displayed project Cryptocurrency Wallet by Kasra Farzam and Nikki Radfar illustrates, this device is designed to last for decades.minimalist approach to design makes it user friendly and simple and de <Cropped>

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Guangchao Wei-Order-Development Sculpture-Logotype

At Design Interviews

Interview with Guangchao Wei : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Guangchao Wei : It is taken from the initial A of the word Architecture as the basic graph. And the shape of the letter is transformed f <Cropped>

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Office Building by Martin Schrodt

Martin Schrodt Creates The Winner Forum Office Building

Martin Schrodt, the architect of the awarded design Martin Schrodt's Winner Forum Office building explains, The basic values for the Winner Forum are: precision, sustainability, energy efficiency and effectiveness as well as being durable, low <Cropped>

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Clean Energy Challenge

Together With Ikea Foundation, What Design Can Do (wdcd) Recently Launched The Clean Energy Challenge in 5 Cities – Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, and Mexico City. This Global Competition Calls On Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs to Rethink

Together with ikea foundation, what design can do (wdcd) recently launched the clean energy challenge in 5 cities – amsterdam, são paulo, delhi, nairobi, and mexico city. this global competition calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to ret <Cropped>

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Evolving Furniture by Leonid Davydov

Leonid Davydov Demonstrates The Dotdotdot.frame Evolving Furniture

Leonid Davydov, the thinktank behind the displayed work Evolving furniture by Leonid Davydov demonstrates, Homes are growing smaller, so they need lightweight furniture that's versatile. The dotdotdot.frame is the first mobile, customisable fu <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For a' International Lighting Products and Projects Design Awards

A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission of entries by lighting and product designers, lighting architects and lighting product manufacturers from all over the world. With participants from over 100 countries, The A' Lighting <Cropped>

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Tiago Curioni-Angel Bench

At Design Interviews

(Excerpt) Interview with Tiago Curioni : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Tiago Curioni : My idea was to create something which mix art and design using a noble material which reveals purity and light <Cropped>

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Corporate Headquarter :nature of Space by Ling Zhou

Ling Zhou Designs The Nature of Space Corporate Headquarter

Ling Zhou, the author of the highlighted project Nature of Space by Ling Zhou explains, Life is like a movie, and space design is to memorize scenes with stories, to separate them from the office's inherent thinking, and to think about the essen <Cropped>

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