Projected Path-Vehicular Augmented Reality by Lee Beckwith

Lee Beckwith Reveals The Projected Path Vehicular Augmented Reality

Lee Beckwith, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Vehicular Augmented Reality by Lee Beckwith spells out, Turning across traffic at intersections is a disproportionately dangerous maneuver because an error in judgment can result in a head-on collision. People have trouble perceiving the correct speed of oncoming traffic because humans cannot accurately judge the speed of objects going directly towards it. This design uses an augmented reality heads-up display to show the Projected Path of cars, which is where it will be in the next 3 seconds. The faster the car goes, the longer the path. Drivers can now confidently turn across traffic when there are no red paths in the intersection. .

Projected Path-Vehicular Augmented Reality by Lee Beckwith Images:


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