The Poetics of Gourmet-Interior Design by Joye Chuang

Joye Chuang Shows The The Poetics of Gourmet Interior Design

Joye Chuang, the project leader of the displayed design The Poetics of Gourmet - interior design by Joye Chuang says, Regarding a hot pot gourmet restaurant located in the station, the designer thinks that the transparency and concealment of the dining space must be combined to attract the continuous flowing of guests, and to allow guests to enjoy dinging time in the comforting space. The designer uses a large number of white materials, hollow board, glass, and iron metal mesh to plan the spaciousness between the seats. Besides, use simple colors to activate clean space, such as the art of installations made with hand-crafted plant decorations combined with unique cookware, and posters with food on the walls..

The Poetics of Gourmet-Interior Design by Joye Chuang Images:


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